Monday, February 16, 2009

Through the Looking Glass!

Some of you may have already noticed this image added to the CafePress shop. I keep changing the name of the image...Mirror-Man, Reflection (for the journal), Mirror Image...anything but "Man in the Mirror". That name conjours up the song by Michael Jackson. I can think of no better way to lose your erection than to think of Michael Jackson. Ugh!

Andy (of Foxy Andy) pointed out another print-on-demand shop called Zazzle. I've opened a one item store there because, well, frankly their merchandise is a whole lot more expensive. But it's possible the quality is far superior and therefore justifies the higher price. I'll be ordering a shirt from them myself so that I can compare them to the CafePress items (which should arrive any day now).
Sometimes when I've finished an image I'll play around with the file; reversing or inverting the colours, making it black and white, applying ridiulous filters. Because every now and then I get something that I like almost more than the straight up final art. I really like the rough blurriness of this black and whiter version and will most likely put it on the Zazzle shirt that I order for myself. I'll make it available here, as well, for anyone else who might want it.



buff said...


You capture hot hairy men as they live their lives without bounds.

A new fan.

musclsvg said...

Glad to see this graphic on it's own. The Cafe' Press T-shirt enlargements left something to be disired. I've notice that recently you been using shapes in forced perspective to set off your drawings of Josh. It's very effective; especially here. Making the shape a mirror not only gives another view of the subject, but also lends a film noir/Hitchcock feel to the graphic. As if Josh were some sort of Sam Spade character. A hero with a dark side that we see not completley reflected in the mirror. Nice job. Here's looking at you Bone.

Jeff said...

Another great drawing. I love the head/face. The eyes coming through in the mirror is very cool and the whole look is very superhero-ish.

Plus the way the light cuts across his chest and stomach is very cool.

I love that you put this onto the journal. I think that will be my first CafePress purchase. Can your drawing of Josh as hockey player end up on a journal? That would be a great way to get that image on something I'd buy.

Javier said...

While I can see the obvious charms of the pic, I am pretty much more of a face man :) Although I am fond of the hyperextended joints you like to draw.

Can you talk a little about the shadow in the mirror? The reason I ask is because it doesn't quite make sense to me since the character is fully lit. Hate to give what seems to be a negative critique, but I am just curious as to your thinking behind it.

Oh and where does Rimah go to get his trendy haircut :)

Still waiting for the Rod Rodgers paper dolls

j. said...

Buff - Thanks, man. I do my best.

Musclsvg - Much appreciated. The CafePress enlargements are necessarily rough. It protects the artist from having his work swiped.
I've definitely been enjoying playing with the graphic shapes. I'd done it occasionally in the past but as my drawings themselves become a little more stylized I want the backgrounds to change as well.

Jeff - I've got some of Josh's Hockey outtakes and will most definitely be drawing from them. I'll be inking the original drawing, too, maybe altering it a little now that I've drawn Josh a few times. I'll let you know when that becomes a CafePress item.

Javier - I'm not surprised to learn that you like the hyper-extended joints, Javier. As a choreographer you must be very aware of the terrific shapes the human body can form. Any time I'm at a show I marvel at the bodies of the women. Because I'm a bit of a leg man, their posture and stance is something I can admire and I love drawing the curves of a flexed leg. The guys aren't so bad to look at, either :)

The black shadow! That is purely a graphic element to the art. I toyed with adding some shadow to the "real" figure. His face falls into a slight shadow, though not nearly as heavy as the reflection. The shadow hides the full frontal nudity while highlighting what I find to be the sexiest part of a man. Those are the practical reasons.
The artistic reason is that Josh has created for himself a fictional counterpart (more on that another day). This "other Josh" is possibly a little darker and mysterious. Hence the hooded eyes and concealed face.

I've another mirror image coming up that breaks all sorts of rules! So I fully expect another analysis when that goes up :)

p.s. Rimah cuts his own hair, naturally.

grapestain said...

Have you ever used the Rubber Duckie filter? Maybe that's a little too silly for your studmuffins.

buff said...

J. You do more than your best and it shows.

On such a cold wintry day, your images bring warmth, joy and inspiration to all of us who look at them.

Being part of the gay tribe, I am so proud that I can live my life like your images. They truly inspire.

Mega hairy muscle hugs of thanks for creating and sharing them with all of us, your devoted fans.

Josh said...

This is my favourite one yet (as if I get a vote). My ass looks awesome - like 2 ripe peaches clinging together! Is it weird to be turned on by your own ass in cartoon form? And does that make me a top or a bottom? I'm getting all confused now.

j. said...

Grapestain - I'll have to take a look at the Rubber Duckie filter. I don't know what it does...but I imagine it's shiny.

Buff - A mildly hairy and not so muscley hug in return :)

Josh - I'd like to think it's my adept skill with the brush and the lushness of my inks that you truly admire. Yes?
You're the top!
You're the Colosseum!


Javier said...

What is the Rubber Duckie filter and where can one get it? Is it a Photoshop friendly filter?

And just as a side note to J Bone. Whenever you see dancers onstage with hyperextended knees, they are dancing incorrectly. For good alignment, strength and safety, when a leg is extended or stood upon it should be straight like a line. The knee should actually be hidden inside the leg, neither popping out in front or behind. However, some dancers like to exaggerate their lines and allow their legs to hyperextend, to show the flexibility in their joints. Over time, this backward pressure on the knees is not only harmful to the knees, but to the lower back. But dancers continue to do it because it looks cool.

grapestain said...

My bad. It's a rubber duckie brush, not filter

Andy said...

I think Josh wants to see more art featuring his peachy buns. I know I sure wouldn't mind. ;)

That gives me a funny idea: Maybe a time-traveling "future Josh" should meet "primitive Josh" (aka Rimah) in true TERMINATOR fashion (ala birthday suit)! LOL