Monday, February 09, 2009

Pin-Up Boy!

This just happens to be my favourite of all of the Josh drawings I've done so far. Personal taste, totally. It reminds me of a Vargas pin-up pose...not in the execution, mind you. The pose feels like vintage pin-up girl, but with masculine curves!

Josh took the pose quite naturally as he curled up in my studio chair. It was just a simple matter of having him point his toes and raise his right arm for the pose to be perfection. I love how his chest comes down into his abs and disappear behind the thigh. I love the bulge of his calves as he flexes his feet. And I love the playful smile and eyes that sorta say "I know I'm posing and maybe I look ridiculous but who cares!" Josh had the same slightly goofy grin as I drew him.

So, the big news is that I've finally got some product up on CafePress! Check out the side link under my profile to see what I've made available. So far I'm making this Josh image the main product. I will most certainly be upgrading and adding more product as I get images finalized.

PLEASE, please let me know what you guys (those of you who order) think of the end product. Tell me if there are certain items you'd like added to the store (cloth bags, hats, hoodies, etc...) Let me know if there's a particular image that you'd like to have on a shirt, mug, magnet, etc... I want to make sure that I make available product that you guys actually want to buy. So don't be shy about telling me!

Prints of certain images will also be added. I think I want to order a few for myself just to see the quality before I make such things available.

Thanks, guys!

Edited to add: I've just added a few new items to the Cafe Press store, including a wall clock with an, as yet, unseen image! xo


James Figueiredo said...

LOVE what you did with the color paterns, man - This one turned out even better than the usual!
J. (another one)

musclsvg said...

Great drawing! Kind of like the poses from AMG in the 1950's or Jim French, but with even more potent virility. Nice job Bone! I'm sure it would make a lot of people happy if you would say just four words about this work: "First in a series".

Josh said...

I'll go grab my posing strap.

musclsvg said...

Hey Josh!

Don't say it unless you mean it. If you've got a posing strap, does Bone know? I'd hate to think he's been holding out on your fan base AND his.

j. said...

James - Many thanks. It truly is my favourite out of all of the Josh drawings so far. And that includes the stuff you guys HAVEN'T seen. Yet!

Musclsvg - A series of Vargas style pin-ups? No problem there! "First in a series!"

How's that!

Josh - Tease!

Answer the man, Joshie!


Josh said...

Um, yeah I got a pouch but i lost the string part. The pouch fits over everything petty nice but it won't stay without the string part. I will look for a replacement for the string.

Javier said...

Always loved Vargas girls.
Wholesome and naughty at the same time. And no one could draw sheer material quite like Vargas. They also had an fun accessibility, something that many of the Bone Boys have.

As far as my recent absence, I've been checking in regularly, just been super duper busy. So since I would have had nothing brilliant to add, I have let others speak.


I agree this is the best of Josh. As far as Cafe Press, I would say... throw pillow, throw pillow. Although I do think the little magnet is also good. As cute as the pic is, it just doesn't scream t-shirt to me. Coaster perhaps. Mousepad maybe.

He just seems as if he would be happier in a homey setting.


I know its another blog, but how can you have Rita and Cliff and NO LARRY TRAINOR !?! They miss him :(.

Its not like you have to crochet a wheelchair for the Chief.

j. said...

Javier - Vargas girls also had an elegance to them that I love. I'm actually much more of a Petty fan. His girls were just plain fun! Even if their back was turned they'd be looking over their shoulder at you...with a wink and a smile.

I added a few more items to the CafePress shop...including a throw pillow. I'll have to design a few drawings for specific things. I badly want a wall clock! The Vargas shot just isn't the right shape.

Being quite environmentally minded I've included a cloth tote back. I think everyone should be taking their own bags when out shopping.

AS for Larry Trainor! I know. I just haven't had a chance. He's really TWO dolls. I've got to make an all black negative man!


Andy said...

This is a great pose and VERY sexy!
I lust love how that underarm and side torso muscles are put together!! If this is the first in a series: I can't wait!! BTW are bare buns against your code? I think it's innocent enough and still (dare I say) "cheeky"!?

Although the Cafe Press merch is great, I would LOVE to see this or some other future favorite of yours become a SILK SCREEN print! I know it's a lot of work, but even a simple GOCCO print I'd treasure! Just a thought for the future.

Is there any way you could offer a limited number of something that you sign? It may not be possible for you now, but again... just throwing that out there. ;)

Thanks to you and Josh for the great work!! :)

j. said...

Andy - Thanks. I'll have to look into getting some prints done. It's certainly something I'd love to do. I've actually got some available at Antebellum Gallery in Los Angeles
Rick Castro is the guy to ask.

My reason for going with online companies is that I'm lazy. Having prints made up and then mailing them out myself is a lot of work! I'd much rather be drawing nearly naked men than licking envelopes :)

But I will look into it. And maybe put Josh to work...he could be my model/art assistant!

Bare buns are not against my code, surprisingly. I like to reveal a little cheek now and then.

Thanks for some great input, Andy.


Javier said...

Ah the Petty Girls and their point shoes. I think its the elegance combined with the accessibility that I like about the images. As idealized as the girls are, they still seem approachable, unlike say some of Glen Hanson's (another artist I like) trademark style.

Went to the Rick Castro site. They don't have your silk screens listed in the Art for Sale section. Shouldn't they? I mean if they are actually trying to sell them. :) Perhaps he is hording.

Oh and couldn't the Negative Man doll be a flat doll inside another doll? Since Negative Man is two dimensional he could just slide out the side?

Like a crochet sandwich.

Yziik said...

Wow! I think this one is my favorite picture!
Everything's perfect.
I would like to be in your place, just to see this pose with the real model...

great job.

j. said...

Javier - Glen Hanson is definitely someone I look to for much inspiration. His linework and his men are so beautiful. Some of my early beefcake drawings had Glen Hanson-ish faces. I'm glad I've found my own lines and methods...but I certainly owe an awful lot to Glen.

It's possible Rick Castro only has my prints available in his gallery store. I'll send him an e-mail and find out how my prints might be made available.

A flat Negative Man? Very good solution. I was just going to make a regular stuffed doll. I could make the costumed version with a hollow head...where one could store the flat negative man rolled up. That would be cool!

Thanks, Javier.

Johang - Thanks. I am, indeed, a very lucky man.


Jeff said...

Yay. A new week, and a new Josh picture. This is a great pose showing off those muscles.

The CafePress store is great. Can you add some products that have that first hockey pose? I'd love postcards, maybe a calendar or something like that. I might even go for a t-shirt so I can wear Josh when I go to my own games.