Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jungle Adventure!

The adventure continues in this weeks exciting episode! Rimah must re-unite a lost baby t-rex with it's mother; the thing is, mom doesn't trust Rimah and tries to eat him! Meanwhile, a volcano erupts and the flowing lava threatens to destroy Rimah's village and it's people if they don't evacuate in time!
Does Rimah make it back to his village in time to help his people? Or does Mama T-Rex make a have beefcake for brunch! Tune in to this weeks exciting episode of Rimah, Lord of the Jungle! *

In case no one saw the update - I've added another couple of items to the Bone's Men shop, including a clock featuring, what I think is, a very sexy image of Josh in his underpants! Keep an eye on the store for new items as the weeks go on. I'll be swapping out older images for new ones just to keep it fresh and moving!


*Before you get too excited, there is no episdoe to look forward to. Sorry. However, that's a pretty terrific story idea and I believe I know how it wraps up! That's FOUR Rimah stories now.


musclsvg said...

Another Loincloth Thursday! This is too wild!! Literally. What a great drawing. The hair on his chest gives movement to the crouched, ready to spring pose. You've given us the best of both worlds with his plain, brown loincloth(Happy, Javier?)accessorized with the animal print wrist band. The real capper though is the provocative knot of his waistband tied at the bare hip drawing your eye to the hanging front flap while the rear flap crest up and over to accent the curve of his highlighted glute and quad. This one is t-rex for TERRIFIC! You J.Bone. You draw widlman good. Me like. "J" in name stand for Junglegod. Yes?

P.S.: Following up on a bit of old business: After searching and searching for the Harry Bush drawing I mentioned previously, guess what fell into my lap? Take a look at

j. said...

musclsvg - Indeed, I consider Javier's comment for this loincloth. Although it's mostly in shadow it does have the hint of plain brown. There's a little backstory to the swatch of animal print on his wrist...but that is, perhaps, best saved for the eventual book?

Glad you like the drawing, man. I was happy with it. I like the way Rimah's tricep bulges out on the arm coming at us!


Andy said...

What another home run with this one!!
To be honest, I love the perspective of his meaty thighs and feet in back. The tricep flex is sweet, too!

BTW: LOVE!LOVE!LOVE! the "mirror man" and wall clock images. I think Mirror Man is my favorite image of them all, actually. Can you make these post cards, too? ;)
You are having WAY too much fun. Better watch out, or you may be arrested! LOL

Javier said...

I like how the little x on his forehead is mirrored by the little x at the top of his shoulder, which is mirrored in a large way by how is left arm is crossing the rightward slant of his body.

The loincloth reminds me of the one from Tarzan and his Mate (Johnny Weismueller as Tarzan). They were pushing the limits of the movie code at the time, so Tarzan and Jane had the flimsiest lioncloths in the films history ever. They were open on the sidejust like that, and Jane (the lovely Maureen O'Sullivan) even had a brief bit of underwater nudity.

Speaking of mates, will we ever se Rimah's displaced English gentleman boyfriend?

j. said...

Andy - Mirror Man as post cards is a sure bet. Also as a print. I played around with the image and made a black and white, half-tone screened variant that I really like. So, that too will appear on a black shirt. I may have to open a second store!

Javier - I can always count on you to notice the finest details :) Not that I did a subliminal triple "X" on purpose.
I remember seeing that Weismueller Tarzan and being very surprised at Jane's nude swim! I believe it was shortly afterward that the film industry created (or was made to enact) stricter code of ethics.

As for Rimah's boyfriend...I mentioned that he'll have an ape companion. No boyfriend for Rimah. Rimah likes to keep his options open (and there are plenty of fellow jungle men to fill Rimah's dance card ;)