Monday, February 02, 2009

It's all in the Jeans!

I like the intensity of the eyes in this sketch. I feel like the pose is "interrupted relaxation". As if the model...yes, Josh again...was just hanging out, maybe about to take a nap and then you walked in the room. He turns mid-stretch and looks you in the eyes. You meet his gaze as you freeze just inside the doorway.
What happened next? Well, I drew the pose and we set up another one. What? You thought this was a session on erotic writing?

p.s. Musclsvg - Loin cloth Thursday! I promise! Mark it on your calendar :)


James Figueiredo said...

Excellent work, as always, J - Loved your the colors of the second picture!

And since you're on "request mode", how about some more bears? ;)

J. (another one)

musclsvg said...

Both of these drawings are very hot! They point up the fact that a pencil sketch and the finished work each have qualities all their own. His piercing look and hairy chest becoming a trail across his abs and to the open fly is really sensual. The belt tab lying atop the crotch hints at what we're not seeing. Faded denim there would mean it's worn from the stress of a heavy package. Oh, I forgot you don't include phallic imagery in your work. NO, not much!

P.S.: Thursday's good for me. Can't wait!

j. said...

James - More Bears? For certain! But aren't they still hibernating?
I admit I've been on a one track mind lately...but do you blame me? What would Josh qualify as? I've heard the term "Otter" used to describe slimmer Bears. Is "Wolf" at all common? Or "Fox"?

Musclsvg - In a way I prefer the intensity of his stare in the pencil drawing. The inked version is more open, less piercing. Again I'm at a loss to see what you see in the drawing.

Y'see, I don't need to do nudity. Isn't it so much more tantalizing to wonder just what he's got tucked away?


Andy said...

Great job! Yeah... the stare is more intense in the pencil sketch. Regardless of what media you use: it must be tough sometimes to capture the same thing twice. ;)

This guy is definitely an "otter" or a "wolf" in my opinion. I guess it's ultimately a personal choice as to what you identify yourself as. I tend to think of WOLF as a slightly older OTTER. ?? LOL

I can't wait to see what "loin cloth Thursday" has to offer!!

Fran├žois said...

That's extremely hot, you teaser.
And yes, the eyes are wonderfully drawn, it gives off a lot.

j. said...

Andy - Thanks, man. I can't remember whether I replied yet to your e-mail...I apologize if I didn't. I definitely appreciate the feedback. I love gearing my drawings and posts to things that you guys like, as well as what I dig!

Francois - You know I love to tease!


Thanks guys.

Jeff said...

It's very cool to see both the pencil and the full-color sketch and to see the differences, and how one leads to the other.

Any chance the hockey drawing will get a full color treatment?