Friday, August 21, 2009

The Cover of FAB!!

Two posts today because I just have to tell you about the current issue of Fab and I didn't want to interrupt the flow of the Week of Loin-cloths! For those of you in or near Toronto, my art is on the cover of Fab magazine. Editor Matt Thomas interviewed me for the feature article on gays in comics and very kindly asked me to draw the cover. How could I say no? I've been reading Fab ever since I moved to Toronto for school, where I would nervously sneak copies into my portfolio and hope that none of my friends saw me standing near or picking up the latest issue. I've still got some of those early editions. I'm absolutely thrilled to be one of two artists to actually draw a cover (Glen Hanson is the other). It's pretty sweet to be out on Church st. and see my artwork sitting in store windows and all over the Fab news-boxes!

Matt also interviewed the delightful and good looking Phil Jimenez as well as Perry Moore (author of Hero). You can read the article at the Fab website.

If you're near a comic shop, check out the newest issue of Super Friends. I drew the interiors as well as the cover for #18. It's a Bizarro Super Friends story and I LOVE how it all turned out. The colorist did a terrific job and the writer, Sholly Fisch, wrote some of the funniest dialogue for the Heroes from the square planet!

Also, if you haven't seen District 9 and you're a fan of Sci-Fi, go check it out. There's a lot of political kerfuffle about the movie, charges of racism etc...and while certain stereotypes bothered me I still found it to be such an incredible movie. My favourite kind of Sci-Fi...the kind that makes us look at our own world and how we treat the Earth and each other.

And finally... I really appreciate all the comments during this week of Loin-cloth! I've got a bunch of movies to hunt down and a few requests for more cloth wearing characters. Check in on Monday for the Lord of the Loin-Cloths himself! I'll give you a hint - his name rhymes with 'Shmar-zan'

Have a great weekend!


Javier said...

Sea Monkeys!

Whats not to love in this image? The Silver Surfer bedspread. The cute little Hulk statue. The fact that all of the heroes that our "hero" is a fan of go around wearing bathing suits.

One question, what was the inspiration for the anonymous crossed arm hero? With the crossed bracelets and stars and belt, it looks like a butch version of Wonder Woman.

A++ Love the dopey grin, stalwart chin and soft eyes (with the hair in the face). Unfortunately, I think alot of FAB reader will be disappointed if they go to comic shops thinking that they will run into a sea of guys who look like him :)

musclsvg said...

What a treat! This stud fits right in with "The Week of Loincloths". The bearded chin, the hairy, buff bod and the ribbed basket of his bulging jockstrap...YAOW!! Given the fact that he seems to be reading "Fab" in his dorm room surrounded by his favorite action figures makes me wonder who he's modeled after. He could be a younger version of the dude we've recently seen hitching a ride on the back of Jett Vector. Yeah, who was that guy? He claimed to have niether "beef" nor "cake" in one of his comments, but I'm not buying it. Care to identify this supine stud for us?

j. said...

Javier - A butch Wonder Woman is exactly right. It was my little 'shout out' to Glen Hanson whose male Wonder Woman ( regularly makes the rounds of gay blogs.
Fab readers disappointed? Heck, I'M disappointed there aren't more dudes like this guy at comic shops or conventions. :)

Musclsvg - It's not exactly clear but I'm...I mean - HE's actually reading Namor in the drawing. Did I type "I"? Of course I meant "He" as in "this completely fictional character who I made up just for this cover and in no way is meant to represent me in some sort of buffed up alternate universal reality".


Jeff said...

That is awesome! I'm making this into my desktop. Thanks for posting this for the folks who live outside of Toronto.

Congrats on the interview and congrats on a fantastic cover!

grapestain said...

I enjoyed the seamonkies.

Unknown said...

Love the addition of the He-Man and Skeletor inspired figures! I really enjoy your work!

j. said...

Jeff - Very cool. Thanks, man.

Grapestain - They're an evolutionary wonder!

Brett - Also very cool. I love He-Man!


Unknown said...

He actually made me think of a very sexed-up Shaggy from Scooby Doo! ;) Great art, glad Fleshbot linked to you, otherwise I'd be missing out! :D

deviantboy said...

Loved seeing this image all around the Village....Loved it.

So Bone-able !!!