Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I confess...this one is a completely made up character, drawn just so I could use the pun "Purr-Loin". That's the sole reason for his existence.

Second confession...I do have a fondness for Anthropomorphic characters. I know where that places me in the Nerd Hierarchy but dammit all I liked the Thundercats. Robin Hood is one of my favourite Disney movies. And Blacksad is one of my favorite European comics to come out in quite some time! Label me as you will ;)

beastly yours,


Chris Roberson said...

I *love* the Disney animated Robin Hood! I find the Roger Miller soundtrack to that flick bubbling up from my subconscious at least every couple of months.

musclsvg said...

A favorite quote: "Oh you've done it now Skippy. You shot your arrow in Prince John's backyard." I often wonder what Disney's "Robin Hood" would have been if it had been made a few years later during the Michael Eisenberg/Jeffrey Katzenberg renaissance. As is it has some memorable moments; especially the opening where the Rooster/Minstrel starts the story from an illuminated manuscript.

Purr-Loin is an intriguing character. You're not sure whether he's friend or foe. He deserves more backstory and a pose where he isn't crouching low so we get a better look at him.

j. said...

Chris - It pops into my head all the time, too. I often sing the opening song, or whistle the theme of "Robin Hood and Little John". Ooh-de-lolly ooh-de-lolly golly what a day. I also do a terrible impression of Prince John sucking his thumb and calling for "Mommy"...terrible or not I still love doing it.

Musclsvg - Indeed. I love the animation of the characters running back and forth along the story book or as the credits roll.

I considered Purr-loin's pose as I sketched him up...that I was hiding the very focus of the week :) I believe there will be more of this guy, or characters like him. I don't know if you saw my issue of Batman The Brave and the Bold but it opened with a two page fight between Batman, The Olympian and men who had been turned into animal-men. The fun I had drawing the cat-man, lizard-man, and bull-man inspired this drawing of Purr-loin.


SCARCEXL said...

Have you ever draw a Jack
Russell aka Werewolf by Night in shredded jeans? I think it would be a blast!

grapestain said...

I KNEW IT. You're a furry.