Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Loin Before Time!

I've always intended to draw a Beefcake version of Raquel Welch's famous fur-bikini pose from the movie One Million Years BC. The Week of Loin-cloths gave me that opportunity. I'd like to eventually throw a stop-motion looking dinosaur in behind him because those were some cool looking, highly innacurate (and yet, very well done) dinos in that movie.



SCARCEXL said...

He seems a little worried. Love his abundant black body hair, despite his blonde shiny haircut. :p
Now where could his club be?

musclsvg said...

This is really imaginative! I remember wishing that Raquel's co-star John Richardson got the same kind of publicity treatment. He looked very hot and hairy. Instead, it seemed liked they made every effort to keep him covered. Which was odd because if the climate was hot enough for Ms. Welch to wear a fur bikini you'd think that the men would be clad in even less scrap leather. Cavemen weren't that evolved and niether was their sense of modesty. And, it was the era of "survival of the fittest"! Great idea Bone! Really well conceived and executed and long over due.

This week has been great! I have, however, hoped that by now we would have seen cinema's hottest loincloth, Mike Henry. I still remember being blown away the first time I saw him in "Tarzan and The Valley of Gold". Mike was clothed for the first half hour of the movie until the bad guys killed his friend. Vowing to track the villians down he's asked what will be needed in the way of supplies. "A knife, a strong rope and a soft piece of leather" is the answer and then he disappears into a storage shed. The next time we see Henry he's the very embodiment of the legendary apeman. A sculpted, muscular and hairy physique and wearing the briefest loincloth ever. An image indelibly etched in my memory! I'll keep my fingers crossed for the last installment. If not, have you ever considered tracing some of the movie lineage of the jungle lord? It would be so hot to see what you could do with Mike Henry, Gordon Scott, Lex Barker, Miles O'Keeffe and Buster Crabbe. I know I'm leaving some obvious choices out, but there are only five days in a workweek and I'm beginning to feel really pushy.

Let me be the first to thank you for a week of great graphics. I'm going to need a twelve step withdrawl program come Monday morning!

j. said...

Xavier - I imagine Rocky here goes to the same salon that kept Wilma a "natural" red-head all those years ;)

As for his club...I'm reminded of a Groucho Marx line: "I've a good mind to join his club and beat him with it."

Musclsvg - It's been my pleasure. Certainly there are many, many more loin cloth-types or fur bikini men I could have included. But as you say five days is not very long. I most definitely have saved one of the best for last...but you'll just have to wait until tomorrow...

Oh, Mike Henry. I haven't seen an episode of him as Tarzan but he most definitely is an incredibly gorgeous man. As is Miles O'Keefe (in a movie I HAVE seen...and my feeling is he is nearly the perfect human reproduction of Frank Frazetta's Tarzan). The many faces of Tarzan would make for a terrific poster image, would it not?

I would have to include Javier's favourite Tarzan, Ron Ely (who also played another of my favorite pulp heroes, Doc Savage). I've been listening to the first Tarzan as an audio book while I work. It's quite a terrific tale and brings up the subject of nature vs. nurture.


j. said...'re welcome.


musclsvg said...

If you're enjoying "Tarzan of The Apes" on audio, I can't suggest strongly enough to seek out some of Mike Henry's Tarzan films when you're through. For me he's the combined embodiment of Frank Frazetta, Burne Hogarth and Russ Manning. I was also impressed with Miles O'Keeffe, but felt he deserved better. Maybe if John Derek had been gay or just not so obsessed with his wife, Bo.

Mike's films are: "Tarzan and The Valley of Gold"(1966), Tarzan and The Great River"(1967) and "Tarzan and The Jungle Boy"(1968). Mike was set to do the TV series which eventually starred Ron Ely, but had suffered a lot of abuse from the producers while making his films. Supposedly, Mike walked and at the last minute Ron Ely was fitted for a loincloth and dispatched to the set in Mexico.

I often hope that a cable station like Sci Fi would do a new Tarzan series. One without a female, a kid or a chimp. Anyone whose read the Burroughs' books knows Tarzan had a whole other life before Jane or Boy. The apeman's character was much sexier and the action move a lot better.

Thanks again. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Javier said...

Loved One Million Years BC.
Raquel Welch and Martine Beswick catfighting as a prehistoric Betty and Veronica.
Ray Harryhausen's cool Dynamation dinosaurs.
And a supercool over the top soundtrack.
Bliss on a Saturday afternoon in front of the TV.

Oh, if you are a John Richardson fan make sure that you watch "She" with Ursula Andress. Another guilty pleasure. And he's a BLONDE in that one.

I like how well you matched Loano's (Raquel was Loana) pose to the original. Even the loincloth has the same shape. I never knew it was possible for a caveman to have a "damsel in distress" look. But on him, it works. :)

As far as Mike Henry as Tarzan. He is pretty impressive in his micro loincloth, but he was always a bit "tough" for my taste. Although Ron is my favorite Tarzan (because I grew up with him on TV), I would have to say that I felt Herman Brix (Bruce Bennett) had the closest body and face that I think of Tarzan having.
AND it should go without saying that the first two pictures with Johnny Weismuller easily make him the most erotic Tarzan.

j. said...

Musclsvg - Thanks for all the Tarzan info. I recently picked up a DVD set (one of those cheap five movies per disc thingies) with a few B&W Tarzan flicks included. There's a Herman Brix, Glenn Morris, and Gordon Scott Tarzan alongside a bunch of Hercules movies. I'm definitely going to look up more Mike Henry Tarzan.

I know what you mean about Miles O'Keefe deserving a better Tarzan film...but I'm a fan of Bo (I love the shot of her in the water in her white dress with the sun setting behind her, naked body silhouetted :) There was plenty of Tarzan worship in that campy film. Particularly the scene where Bo plays all innocent as she tries to sneak a peak under the injured ape man's loin cloth. Cripes, who wouldn't try to peak under there!
I've got the Playboy spread done to promote the movie and Miles is featured right there with Bo. I think John took the photos.

Re: Tarzan tv series minus Jane and boy? Agreed. And also with an actor who doesn't shave his chest. For cripes sake, he lives in the jungle. Why would Tarzan have razor bumps!

Javier - Ha! Regarding the Raquel pose...I did try to butch it up a bit but it still definitely feels like Damsel in Distress. It's probably safe to say that this is a caveman who enjoys the company of other cavemen.

I miss those old Saturday afternoon movies which is, perhaps, just the pleasure of discovery that I have nostalgia for. Never knowing what movie was going to come up after the MGM lion roar or the Universal airplane circled the globe. One whole summer I remember being hooked on the Planet of the Apes tv series, with its two hot male leads James Naughton and Ron Harper. Way sexier in my young mind than old man Heston!

I remember renting an old Weismuller Tarzan which was Pre-Code and Jane, Maureen O-Sullivan, swims nude. I couldn't believe Maureen O'Sullivan did full frontal (too bad Weismuller was so modest).

Thanks for all the movie tips, guys. I just hope I'm able to find all these on DVD.


Jeff said...

This is my favorite of the week I think. The week has been fantastic, no doubt. But there's something about the look on this guy's face that just captures my attention.

As always, keep up the great work!

grapestain said...

mmm...soft piece of leather...I know all you fellas want to see a Tarzan solo project, so how about I pitch the idea of Tarzan: All By Myself (themesong by Celine), where we see a young man coming to grips with his human differences, puberty, self discovery, nihilism and finally faith in the jungle. You get to see him semi-nude, I get to see the tortured psychodrama. I'm thinking more Christoper Lambert meets Wolfboy as played by one of those handsome Skarsgard boys.