Friday, August 21, 2009

A Loin In Winter!

When I was a kid I had a set of He-Man knock-offs that included Hercules, some dude in tiger print kimono, and Warlord (sporting a stylish plastic loin-cloth). I didn't know about the Warlord comic book and so just assumed he was made up for this particular toy line. He fit into my He-Man universe as a substitute for King Randor. A wise father figure to my other scantily clad, over-muscled, harness wearing action figures.

Is it any surprise I grew up with more affinity for the Bear culture than to the Dance/Twink scene? :)

And that wraps up the Week of Loin-cloths.

But...wait a sec...I did a weeks worth of men in loin cloths and yet something isn't quite right. Someone is missing. A character who lived most of his life clad only in a washcloth sized patch of animal skin. A man, no, a Lord who made famous the leather bikini and caused a curious stirring in the loins of many an unsuspecting young man (and woman, I'm sure) when he appeared on screen or in print. But, it's Friday. The last day of the Week of Loin. I've no days left. I can't update on the weekend! I guess...I guess we'll just have to wait until Monday for you to see who I'm talking about (no spoiling in the comment section).

Have a great weekend, everyone.
xo j.


Lou said...

I love you Warlord! You should be doing the book--just think of all the men you would draw!

I just read your Bizarro Super-Friends story about an hour ago; very nice.

Love the hairy men too! Wish I were one. Your Ice Cream man from July 20th was one of my favorites--I he handed me that cone, the ice cream would immediately melt.

Do you take commissions from fans?


musclsvg said...
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musclsvg said...

What a surprize and a great ending for "The Week of Loincloths". The Warlord was always one of my favorite comic book heroes. He seem a bit smarter than the rest of the spandex, cape clad characters. That and the fact that he wore a loincloth that let you see his loins. He had a confidence and a "I could give a crap what you think of me" attitude that was cool.

I'm glad to hear you're giving us another graphic to finish out the series. I'm sure I'm not the only one who'll be dealing with withdrawl. A support group would be difficult to find. Still, it would be great if there were a meeting some place where a guy stands up and says, "Hi! My name is John Clayton and I've been into loincloths for as long as I can remember." "Hi John!".

j. said...

Lou - Thanks. Glad to hear you liked my Super Friends, as well. I love the way that issue came out.
I don't take commissions at this time, just because of my schedule right now. I'm open to selling any of the artwork that currently exists if there's anything you're particularly interested in. You can e-mail me through a link in my profile at the right if you'd like.

Musclsvg - I'd honestly never read a Warlord comic book until just last month. So I was surprised to discover his modern-man-trapped-in-savage-world story line (including being the only guy in his world with a gun). Interesting.

As for the LCA meetings...well, we'll just have to take things one day at a time. But who is John Clayton? Is he a friend of yours?


grapestain said...

Loin in of my favorite movies...ahem, I mean Lion. I love Timothy Dalton as a mincing menace. To think, they made him James Bond...what were those vegetables thinking?