Monday, August 24, 2009

King of the Apes! Lord of the Jungle!

He Tarzan!
You didn't think I'd forgotten the fella who (arguably) started it all, didja? A person can't draw a week's worth of men in loin-cloths without drawing the Ape Man himself, ol' man Greystoke (a.k.a. Tarzan). In the comments sections a few of us have been discussing the many and favorite actors who've portrayed Tarzan over the years. I personally quite enjoy watching Miles O'Keefe in all his finely honed glory, lusted over by the voluptuous Bo Derek (I am a fan of the Cheesecake as well as the Beef). I also like the clips I've seen of Mike Henry and Ron Ely, though I haven't been able to find a copy of any of their movies/tv series on DVD. Naturally I'm fond of the old black and whites with Weissmuller or Gordon Scott.

As a kid I saw the Christopher Lambert movie but found it too drab to really enjoy it. It might be worth watching again because I have a feeling it was quite close to the actual story from the novel.

My own sinewy take on the character owes a lot to the Disney animated Tarzan. I've watched the movie many times just to admire Glen Keane's muscley Tarzan...and also because I think that Minnie Driver was so perfect as the voice of Jane that I wish she'd won an Oscar for it.

So, there's the week plus one of loin-cloths. I hope you all enjoyed it, and that it was worth the wait!

your pal,


Qwertyrulz said...

As usual, the style and posing is amazing.
My proverbial hat goes off to you.

musclsvg said...

Interesting take on The Lord of The Jungle. I was expecting something more heroic and similar to the pencil sketch of Ron Ely you did a while back of Lord Rim'ah in "Teepee or Not Teepee". I immediately noticed that your drawing was a modification of Glen Keane's iconic pose. Your apeman is a little truer to life. A rougher hewn physique, manly stubble and a the slightly anti-social gaze of a feral human raised without contact to the outside world. A wildman minus the cinematic myth.

Thanks again. It's always great when you pen a series that gives us a daily graphic like your Month of Beefcake last year.

By the way, I'll be the one standing up after John Clayton tonight at the support group.

musclsvg said...

P.S.: I've notice DVDs of both Mike Henry's and Ron Ely's films offered on E-Bay.

j. said...

Qwertyrulz - Many thanks, Qwerty

Musclsvg - I intentionally went for a slightly goofier take on Tarzan after having drawn so many heroic characters for the series. And I don't mean "goofy" to be disparaging...I find a sense of humor and goofy awkwardness to be quite an attractive quality in a man. I had yet to read the Tarzan novel when I drew this so I hadn't learned that Burroughs wrote that Tarzan actually learned how to shave. It's part of the nature vs. nurture aspect of Burroughs writing that I found strangely interesting.

My Tarzan has yet to learn such vanities as a clean shave, although he is wearing a loin-cloth in imitation of the tribesmen he sees in the jungle.

Thanks for the tip about the Tarzan DVDs. I'll check 'em out.


Javier said...

I like that for all of his feral quality, that he looks like if you gave him a shave, taught him to stand up straight and tied his hair back in a little ponytail, he would look like a Victorian English Lord.

He has the eyebrows and sneer worthy of a powdered wig.

Which is what Tarzan is... a product of the most civilized society, brought up as a savage.

A have to say, as much as I loved the Disney version, he did look very American to me.

Javier said...

oh, he would make a nice print or black t-shirt

musclsvg said...

I got to thinking about your comment of being a fan of cheesecake as well as beefcake. I was wondering if you've ever seen Frank Frazetta's "Tarzan Meets La of Opar". You probably have, but just in case you haven't here's a link:

j. said...

Javier - I haven't updated the Cafepress shop in a while...perhaps it's time for some fresh merchandise!

Musclsvg - I have seen that image, yes. The guy in it is just as hot as the women are voluptuous (god bless Frazetta). I'm definitely a Frazetta fan and have many of the books collecting his art.


musclsvg said...

I was reasonably sure you'd seen this graphic from what you've said of Frazetta here. Every time I see it I'm amazed at the detail he lavished on the physique of the apeman. Consequently, Tarzan really stands out compared to the almost two dimensional figures of his female captors and the rather flat background. I only wish this had been one of a series instead of a single private commission.

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